If there is one blog spot that goes behind apparent and external human behaviour and seeks to explore the reasons behind their actions, it is thedryspot.net.

Let’s face it, human beings today have gone much beyond the laidback lifestyle of yesteryears and are now in a perpetual race for survival. Most importantly, the results of this are often disastrous on both mind and body.

Work environments in companies and in any business is now severely competitive and this has ingrained a thought in the minds of employees that to prove your worth to your boss you have to keep long hours and carry work home. It is a matter of taking on more work than you are capable of doing justice too. Result? An increased burnout rate and an untimely end to bright futures and careers that had been so promising to start with!

Or take the case of sportsmen and athletes. If they manage to shave fraction of a second off their race timings and win a gold, they become instant celebrities and double their endorsement rates overnight. Who wouldn’t want this to happen? The flip side is that in an effort to excel athletes often resort to unethical means that bring a bad name to sports.

All these are personal struggles that human beings face in life. There are limitless examples to it. Our blog spot is devoted exclusively to this angle where the common man comes up against seemingly unsurmountable barriers and then overcomes them with steely resoluteness. We bring stories of great human interest that is slated to be not just a compilation of events but also a learning experience for others.

To make our blog site truly meaningful and successful, we invite writings from bloggers and general public who have faced tough situations but have been able to get over them. How did this happen? What were the steps taken by them to ensure that they lead a peaceful life in future? Bringing all these to our readers is our primary focus.

These are just a few examples from our team here at the dryspot.net. Remember the scope of our blog is limitless because the range of human emotions too is without end and we just hold a mirror to it.

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